What's New From Left Hand Water District

Seasonal Taste and Odor Changes

Some customers may have noticed an earthy or musty smell in the water recently. These aesthetic changes can happen every year and are caused by algae in our water storage reservoirs.  We are aware of increased taste and odor currently present in the water for some of our customers and we are continually adjusting treatment processes to minimize any disruption for our customers.  The water remains safe to drink.  As the water temperatures in the reservoir start to drop these seasonal taste and odor issues will resolve.  If you have further questions, please visit our Water Quality FAQ page or contact our office at 303-530-4200.

Left Hand Watershed Center Front Range Watershed Days

Join the Left Hand Watershed Center (formerly Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group) at Front Range Watershed Days Saturday, September 28th! Watershed Days aims to inspire the community to connect with their local watersheds. This event will include a bio-blitz (data collection & mini watershed tour), food, hands-on activities for the whole family, and an opportunity to “meet the scientists.”

Bio-Blitz, 9am-1pm (lunch included, FREE, sign-up Required); Celebration 1pm-4pm, La Vern Johnson Park in Lyons (FREE, no sign-up Required). To sign up or for more information, see the flyer to the left or visit the Center’s website.

Morton Heights Temporary Service Interruptions

To Left Hand Water District customers in the Morton Heights area,

You may have noticed District crews working in your neighborhoods recently.  The District is being proactive in replacing and installing several valves in area.  Some residents may experience temporary service interruptions over the next couple of months as we replace a number of older main line valves.  This work will be intermittent as time permits; and is essential is helping isolate, repair, or mitigate issues in the future.  The planned work should only affect customers in the Morton Heights area, and as always the District will make every effort to notify affected customers through phone calls in advance of planned interruptions in service.

We appreciate your patience while our crews do their best to get water restored as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the District office at 303-530-4200.

2019 Consumer Confidence Report Now Available

The Left Hand Water District Consumer Confidence Report for Water Treated in Calendar Year 2018 is now available. This report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services that we deliver to you every day. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  Visit the Consumer Confidence Report page to view the report.  For further information, or to order a printed copy of the report, contact the office at 303-530-4200.

2019 Conservation Newsletter

Please check out the District’s Conservation Newsletter for the latest news from our Conservation Program.

Water-Wise Landscape Seminars from Resource Central

Resource Central partners with local water providers to offer Water-Wise Landscape Seminars on Xeriscape and other sustainable landscaping practices.  These expert-led seminars are free to attend and open to everyone, from the budding gardener to the seasoned pro.  Visit their website for more information and to register:  https://resourcecentral.org/water-wise-seminars/

Water Rates Effective February 2019

New water rates go into effect February 1st; please see this informational notice for information related to the new rates.

New Scam Advisory: Utility Billing Calls

The District has recently been made aware of at least one incident where a nearby resident  received an automated call from what appeared to be the Left Hand Water District indicating an issue with a payment card.  This has become a common scheme, where fraudsters can “spoof” a number and make the caller ID appear as though it comes from a utility company, and calls with a warning that service is in danger of being disconnected immediately if payment is not made.  Residents should be aware that any account in arrears that may be subject to disconnection for non-payment would be sent written notice.  It is very rare that District staff would contact a customer directly regarding an account, and even in those cases payment options would be offered through our website; District personnel would not demand credit card or bank information over the phone.  We also do not accept prepaid cards or gift cards as payment.  If you receive a suspicious call, hang up immediately.  If you have any concerns regarding your account, contact our office at 303-530-4200 or log in to your Xpress Bill Pay account to review your account.  Do not contact any number you are given or that displays on the caller ID, as those will likely contact the scammers.

District Advisory: Beware of Water Quality Scams

District customers are encouraged to be wary of door-to-door water filtration system sales people making false claims regarding the quality of drinking water.  Several incidents have been reported within the District, and many around the country, where individuals have approached residents attempting to sell water filtration or treatment systems and provide inaccurate information.  Residents should beware of any sales pitch involving in-home “water quality tests” – often these are used to “prove” contamination, but in reality only indicate the presence of naturally-occurring minerals in the water.  The District’s constant goal is to provide safe and dependable water, and our drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and state water quality standards.  Our annual Consumer Confidence Report, which provides information about the water and services we provide, can be accessed on our Water Quality page, and our Water Treatment staff are always happy to answer questions regarding water quality.  They can be contacted by calling the District’s office at 303-530-4200.  Customers with further questions or concerns can also contact the Colorado Health Department Drinking Water Program, which is the primary state agency responsible for enforcement of water quality standards.


Water Use Notice

The District’s Drought Management Plan was reviewed during the April 20, 2017 Board of Directors meeting.  Based on the anticipated supply and demand it was determined that there will be no mandatory watering restrictions required at this time.  That the District does not have to restrict water use is a testament to the water wise use and prudent conservation practiced by our customers.  As always, we continue to recommend that customers practice voluntary reduction measures both inside and out of the home.  For information on our Water Conservation Programs including rebate programs, outdoor irrigation audits, and spring water wise garden classes please review the Water Conservation page for more information:  http://lefthandwater.org/water-conservation/water-conservation-page/

Public Safety Reminder – Beware of “Distraction Burglary” Schemes

“Distraction Burglary” is a method of burglarizing a home that is becoming more common.  “Distraction Burglary” involves a “visitor,” typically posing as someone from a service company such as a roofer or tree trimmer or a utility such as an electric or water company, distracts the homeowner with a tale of some kind of repair that needs done or work they’re doing in the area, and an accomplice then burglarizes the home while the homeowner is distracted. The most frequent targets for these types of burglaries are the elderly and vulnerable.


The Left Hand Water District reminds customers:  please take steps to protect yourself from such an incident.  Left Hand Water District field personnel will always be driving vehicles identifiable by the District’s logo, and will always be wearing District uniforms – shirts, jackets, etc., that have the District name and logo on them.  Anyone who is approached by someone claiming to be a utility worker should be cautious and look for identifiable uniforms and vehicle markings.  If you aren’t sure, don’t give the person access to your home; in the case of someone claiming to be on official business, contact the agency to confirm they are on legitimate business – the District’s main line (303-530-4200) can be called any time and District staff or our after-hours answering service can verify the identity of technicians if it is legitimately a District employee.  Suspicious activity should be reported to the appropriate Sheriff’s office or Police Department.