Summer Watering

While voluntarily conserving water on your lawns, don’t forget that your trees may need an extra deep periodic watering during periods of heat and drought.  Trees provide valuable shade to our homes and the rest of our landscape plantings, saving energy and providing habitat for birds.

To maintain trees, water in the cooler part of the day, such as morning or evening.  Larger trees need a deep,  slow watering at least once a month.  Newly planted and smaller trees should be watered regularly with your grass and gardens.

Water your tree if:

  • Leaves are wilted, yellow, drooping or curl at the edges.
  • Brown edges or browning occurs between veins on leaves
  • Evergreen needles turn yellow, red or brown
  • Leaves drop prematurely or remain attached to the tree even though brown

Where and how to water trees

  • Older trees should be watered near the “drip line” or outer reach of the tree’s branches
  • Use 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter, measuring the trunk diameter at knee height.
  •  Water slowly, by using a shower-like attachment to your hose  and moving it to cover the entire drip line.  If  you have a low-volume drip system or soaker hose, water the area around a large tree for 2 hours
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