Areas of Extended Outages – 9/14/13 8:00pm

As noted in the last update, there are several areas in the District we have been able to identify that will be without water into next week.  We cannot say for certain when these areas will have water restored, only that it will take quite some time.  These are areas where Boulder and Left Hand Creeks washed away massive sections of our pipelines, and there is no way to even get to our pipes at this point to make repairs.  Our engineers and crews are working hard at finding temporary solutions, but these areas should prepare for extended outages.  There are 3 general areas that will experience these extended outages:  (1) areas in the District south of Boulder Creek; (2) areas no Foothills Highway from Neva Road north; and (3) Nelson Road from Foothills Highway to Tollgate. Included are the following subdivisions:  Farm at Boulder Valley – Foothills Ranch  – Fox Run – Hardt Estates – L’heureux Country Estates – Mountain Ridge – Park Lake – Saddle Club Acres – Sage Valley – Stonehenge – Willow Glen – Lake of the Pines; properties south of Isabelle Road between 75h and 119th Streets; properties south of Boulder Creek along 95th Street & 287 from Isabelle Road South, including all of 95th Street between Isabelle Road and Arapahoe Road; Plateau Road from Foothills Highway to 39th Street; 39th Street and 41st Street; Oxford Road from 41st to 63rd Street; Nebo Road and Nimbus Road.

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