Left Hand Water District has issued a mandatory water usage restriction.  As we are beginning to refill our system with water, source water and treated water are very limited in quantity.  As a result, in order to conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of our water supply facilities, NON-ESSENTIAL WATER USAGE IS HEREBY PROHIBITED.  Non-essential water include any use not essential for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including:  irrigation (sprinklers) of ANY KIND; washing cars or other vehicles; using water in any way that causes it to wash down driveways, sidewalks, etc.; flushing gutters; filling or refilling pools or hot tubs/jacuzzis; use in fountains, ponds, or other water features, except where necessary to maintain aquatic life; water from hydrants except for fire fighting.  Please email with any questions.  Thank you for your continued understanding during this unprecedented event.

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