Update – 9/14/13 5:30pm

Our Water Treatment Plant has been back online most of the day, and is making water as quickly as they are able.  Most outages experienced in the District have been due to our tanks being emptied during the time the plant was offline.  We are currently working to get the tanks filled, and as they fill customers in some areas should start seeing their water come back on.  In these cases, customers will actually know they are restored before we will, because we can’t track water as it moves through the system at every spot, so we won’t necessarily post what areas have been restored.  Some areas of the District have been coming back online throughout the day, generally moving west to east, as the water flows down the hill from our plant.  It is still possible a few areas could lose water service yet, as the water that was already in their lines gets used.  We do hope to have most of the District back online at some point during the night tonight.  There are some areas in the District that will be out of water for a more extended period of time.  Our next update, hopefully very soon, will contain descriptions of those areas.  We also believe our telephone service to the administrative office building may be restored overnight.  If this is the case, we will have our full admin staff manning the office and answering our phones.  We want to give our deepest appreciation to the staff at the Colorado Call Center for handling our customers’ calls during this emergency.  Please know that we would very much have preferred to have answered our telephones ourselves, but with no way to access our building, and no operable phone lines, it was simply not possible.  Please remember, the BOIL ADVISORY will remain in place UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  We do have District technicians in the field taking samples today, and will be coordinating with the state health department to monitor the safety of the water.  The boil advisory will not be lifted until we can be absolutely certain of the safety of the water.  In summary, the District crews will be working literally around the clock to continue to assess damage and restore service, until we have every customer in the District with water.  We appreciate our customers’ continued patience and understanding.

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