Update – 9/15/2013 10:30pm

By Monday morning we anticipate that the majority of District residents should have water, with the exception of those along Highway 36 and Nelson Road that were identified in the earlier “Extended Outages” post.  The water treatment plant is producing water at a good rate and the system is filling in.  We have been running tests and will be working hard with the state on Monday to work toward getting the boil advisory listed.  Our target is still to have that lifted within the next 48 hours.  In the meantime please continue to follow the boil instructions for drinking, food preparation, making ice, brushing teeth, etc.  The water IS safe for animals.  As for our administrative offices, we have made arrangements to have emergency phones provided on Monday.  They will not be deployed until mid-morning, but our admin staff will be answering phones just as soon as we can get them in place.  We were very glad to have the opportunity to take at least a few calls today before we lost service again.  Once again, thanks to all our customers for your continued patience and support.  We are making gains every hour, and we will “get there.”

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