Overnight, several of the District’s main transmission lines were washed out by Boulder and Left Hand Creeks.  Both of our water treatment plants are operational, but at this time we are unable to get raw water to the plants, and we are unable to convey treated water from the plants to some customers.  As a result, our water system at this time is offline.  There is water in the lines in many areas, and the water that is currently in the lines IS SAFE.  Therefore at this time, for Left Hand Water District customers who have water at their residences, that water IS SAFE TO DRINK.

At this time, water is off for customers who live generally south of Boulder Creek and west of 41st Street.  We anticipate that ALL District customers will be without water starting at varying points today.  Staff have been working through the night and will be working diligently to restore service.

We request that customers limit their usage to that which is necessary, until such time as the water goes offline entirely.  Please be sure to turn off sprinkler systems.

Once water service has been off, any water that may later come on MAY NOT be safe.  Residents who have been out of water and have water come back on are advised to boil that water before using, and to watch www.lefthandwater.org and news outlets for further notification as to when the water is safe.

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