Post Flood Hard Water

In the months following the flood of September 2013, several of our customers have noticed changes in the characteristics of their household water. The changes are observed as an increase of spots on dishes, white deposits on faucets and reduction of suds with soap and other laundry products. These issues are symptoms of hard water.  Flood damage to our water intake facilities in Left Hand Canyon forced us to use water stored in two reservoirs. This stored water has a higher mineral content than our usual creek flow source. While hard water may cause some of the problems noted above, it presents no health issues and is safe for all domestic uses. Most people do not notice a difference in the appearance, taste or odor of water at this level of hardness. Work is underway to restore our intake facilities which will be completed this spring. With the return of our “normal” water supply we expect the water hardness to return to pre-flood levels. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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