Letter from the District General Manager

Dear Left Hand Water District Customers:
By now many of you may have received an email notice or seen our communications through Facebook and our website regarding outdoor watering restrictions.  I want to take a minute of your time to better explain why we are making this request.

The District is undergoing a major upgrade to our Dodd Water Treatment Plant in Niwot.  This plant typically runs from May through September and supplies the additional demand we have during summer months. Since January we have been working on everything that could be done while running the old plant, but as of September 15th that plant will be retired. In reviewing the schedule for this 18 month long project, we had to choose a date for shutdown that would allow us to complete the major equipment replacement over the winter and be ready to run on June 1st.  Our five year usage records led us to believe that mid-September would be the earliest we could shut down and our contractor agreed that it would be the latest they could get started on demolishing the old plant.

We believed that we understood our system demand pretty well going into this.  Normal September water demand naturally drops to a level where we would have no problem with running just one plant after September 1st.  This year (Murphy’s Law?) we’ve actually seen the lowest use through July on record and now over the past few weeks we are looking at above average.  September 10th alone we had a system demand of 9.8 million gallons meaning that almost 6 million gallons per day is still being used on lawns. All we need is a little help over the next few weeks when the temperatures drop and everything gets back to normal.  Being that it is September and night time temperatures are dropping into the 60’s, watering twice a week will maintain lawns in pretty good condition and every one will save some money on their water bill.  In order to ensure that we maintain a sufficient supply for homes, businesses and fire protection we need to come to our customers and ask for your help in reducing outdoor watering.

 Please refer to the following outdoor watering restrictions that have become necessary:

  • Limit irrigation of landscaped areas to 2 days per week and only during cool periods of the day.
  • Consider turning off automatic sprinkler systems for the season as early as possible and spot water as necessary for the remainder of the season.
  • Discontinue non-essential purposes such as washing cars or driveways, filling pools, etcetera.
  • Watch carefully for leaks in homes or irrigation systems and fix them immediately.

 We understand that some homeowners may have installed new landscaping and will need to water more intensively; however please be cautious that you are only using what you need.  Hand water new trees and vegetable gardens outside of the 2 day per week schedule to keep everything healthy.

I sincerely apologize for the late notice and poor communication on this situation and thank you in advance of your cooperation.

Christopher Smith, General Manager

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