New Scam Advisory: Utility Billing Calls

The District has recently been made aware of at least one incident where a nearby resident  received an automated call from what appeared to be the Left Hand Water District indicating an issue with a payment card.  This has become a common scheme, where fraudsters can “spoof” a number and make the caller ID appear as though it comes from a utility company, and calls with a warning that service is in danger of being disconnected immediately if payment is not made.  Residents should be aware that any account in arrears that may be subject to disconnection for non-payment would be sent written notice.  It is very rare that District staff would contact a customer directly regarding an account, and even in those cases payment options would be offered through our website; District personnel would not demand credit card or bank information over the phone.  We also do not accept prepaid cards or gift cards as payment.  If you receive a suspicious call, hang up immediately.  If you have any concerns regarding your account, contact our office at 303-530-4200 or log in to your Xpress Bill Pay account to review your account.  Do not contact any number you are given or that displays on the caller ID, as those will likely contact the scammers.

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