Xpress Bill Pay Website Issues

Xpress Bill Pay has been in communication with the District regarding the continued issues with their website.  They are working diligently around the clock to address the website performance, but they are continuing to have issues with slowness and lagging on the customer interface, which has caused the customer portal to be taken down intermittently over the past couple of weeks.  Please be advised, when the customer portal of the website is not functioning, Left Hand Water District customer service representatives can usually still reach the administrative portal of the website; customers who need to pay bills or access account information are welcome to contact the District office at 303-530-4200 for assistance.  If you need support from Xpress Bill Pay please feel free to contact them at 1-800-766-2350.  We and Xpress Bill Pay appreciate customers’ patience and understanding as they continue to work on getting their website fully functional.

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