Water Pressure Fluctuations – Specific Locations – March 9-11, 2021

The District and the City of Longmont will be testing new interconnects between our two water systems. The interconnects allow the supply of water from one system to another during declared emergencies and provide redundancy and resiliency for both system’s customers. We will be testing pumps at the following locations and schedules:

  • 75th & Nelson, Tuesday March 9th
  • Summerlin & Renaissance,  Wednesday March 10th
  • Sandstone & Vista View, Thursday March 11th

Customers in the immediate vicinity may notice slight pressure fluctuations or water discoloration during testing. The discoloration is usually rust from aging pipes. It is not harmful, but it is aesthetically displeasing. Flushing your cold water tap should clear the water.

Please contact the District engineering staff via the main office line, 303-530-4200, with any questions.


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