Comprehensive Strategic Plan

In 2006, LHWD began a comprehensive strategic planning effort to address all of the significant challenges it will meet in fulfilling its mission in the coming years. On March 29, 2006, the Board of directors met with staff members and consultants to discuss the direction of the planning effort and identify key challenges and review strategic goals.

Discussions at the planning session were broad ranging and included strategic challenges in customer service and education and employee relations, as well as the foreseeable needs to expand and upgrade the system to meet the challenges of new regulatory requirements and growth within the District. The result is a Strategic Plan, which encompasses four major areas of study:

• Treated Water Transmission and Distribution Capital Improvement Program

• Dodd Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion

• Water Resources Planning and Development

• Financial Master Plan

For the full strategic plan, please download the 2008 Comprehensive Water System Strategic Plan (pdf).

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