Backflow Information

Commercial buildings need a backflow device. A cross connection is any possible link connecting a source of pollution to a potable (safe) water supply. A backflow device is a mechanical device which interrupts or breaks the flow of contaminated water into the potable water supply. The District is required under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act – 1986 and the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations to ensure safe drinking water to its customers and to develop and implement a Cross Connection Control/Backflow Device Program to protect its customers and its potable water supply. History has determined that commercial users pose the greatest threat to potable water supplies and that a backflow device is effective in protecting the potable water supply from possible contamination.

The owner of the commercial tap is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the backflow device, including participating in the District’s backflow inspection program by having the device inspected and tested annually by the District’s Certified Backflow Inspection Contractor to ensure the device is working properly.

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