Landlord/Tenant FAQ

What do I need to do if I own property within the District and rent it?
The District must have a current Billing Authorization Form on file for all property owners/landlords.  If the landlord wishes to access any tenant billing account information, the tenant must authorize that access by filling out and signing the tenant sections of the Billing Authorization Form. Due to changes in privacy regulations, no information from the tenant’s billing account will be provided to the landlord unless authorization has been received. If any information included on your Authorization should change, a new one is required.

How do I get the service changed to the tenant’s name?
With notification from the property owner, the Management Company, or the new tenant, a new tenant’s name can be added to an account. Along with the tenant’s name, the landlord’s name or management agency’s name will remain on file.

After the tenant’s name has been added to an account will the following occur:
• The monthly statement is sent in the tenant’s name to the service address, or to the mailing address specified by the tenant.
• Any account that becomes 60 days and $75 past due is subject to shutoff per District Policy.  In such cases, a shut off notice will be mailed to the tenant. If a Billing Authorization Form authorizing the landlord to receive the current tenant’s billing account information is on file, a copy will be sent to the landlord.  If no authorization form is on file from the current tenant, the landlord will receive a notice indicating the account is past due and subject to shut-off, but containing no account details. The tenant, landlord, or Management Company can call the office by the due date on the notice to prevent shutoff and any related charges.

What should I do if a tenant is moving out?
The District must receive notice of at least 48 hours prior to the move-out date from either the tenant or the owner/Management Agency.

1. If a tenant’s name is on the account, they can call the District to notify us of their move-out date. The tenant’s name will be removed from the account, a final read and billing statement will be sent to both the tenant and Owner/Management Agency within 48 hours of the moveout date or notification, whichever date is later.
2. Move out dates cannot be “back-dated”. All changes to account information will be processed up to 48 hours after being notified, if notification is received after the move-out date.
3. All discrepancies between the owner and tenant regarding any portion of a bill prior to the move-out date or notification date must be resolved between the owner and tenant.

If a tenant doesn’t pay his bill is the Landlord liable?
Yes. All owners of a rental property served within the District are ultimately responsible for payment of their account and remain responsible even when tenant occupied. The District will not seek collection for final payment from any previous tenant.

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