Response to Letter to the Editor

In response to a letter to the editor published in the April 23rd Boulder Daily Camera, the Left Hand Water District assures customers and residents that the District is confident the water being provided is of the highest quality and free from any bacteriological contamination.

Although the letter printed provided no substantiated information, it is understandable our customers would be concerned by a statement that the District’s water is contaminated or otherwise unsafe. The District takes the issue of water quality and safety very seriously.   In addition to continuous sampling at the treatment plants, the District tests for Total Coliform/ E. coli at a total of 60 sites representative of the entire distribution system on a rotating 20-site monthly schedule.  The samples are submitted to a State-certified lab and the test results are recorded by the District and reported directly to the State. This protocol is and always has been followed without exception. In the event a sample were to test positive for E. coli, the Colorado State Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) has a very comprehensive and stringent response plan to protect the health of residents including notifying all customers of a failed test. For further information regarding the state’s oversight, visit

Because the letter that was published did not provide any detail regarding the property in question or the tests conducted, the District is unable to provide specific responses to the allegations presented. We do take any water quality complaints seriously; District personnel respond quickly and professionally to any complaint received.  The District cannot, however, comment on samples that may have been taken personally by a homeowner, as we have no way of being assured as to proper sampling technique or other factors that may affect the samples such as in-sink or whole-house filters that may be compromised.

Left Hand Water District customers can be assured their water is in full compliance with all applicable health codes, laws, and regulations, and is free from contamination.  For further information regarding the water quality of the District, please see our Consumer Confidence Report on our website:

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