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Left Hand Water District is an active participant in the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG). The mission of the LWOG is to assess, protect, and restore the quality of the Lefthand Creek watershed, and to serve as a hub of communication about watershed issues through the fostering of stakeholder collaboration. To learn more about our native watershed go to:

The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District provides untreated water to our Dodd Water Treatment Plant:

The Left Hand Ditch Company provides untreated water to our Spurgeon Water Treatment Plant:

Left Hand water District is an active participant in the Partnership for Safe Water. In the Partnership program consistently results in a near-term impact in the quality of water produced by utilities. Partnership utilities report more than 50% performance improvement without major capital expenditures. Participating

The American Waterworks Association is an organization that provides advocacy, education and training, and research for the drinking water industry:

The Colorado Health Department Drinking Water Program is the primacy agency for enforcement of drinking water quality standards in the state:

Contact Left Hand Water District with Water Quality Questions.

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