Water Conservation Plan

The Left Hand Water District (LHWD) is a quasi-municipal special district formed by election in May 1990 to provide potable and fire protection water service to customers within the District’s more than 130-square mile service area. The District encompasses rural subdivisions and properties in Boulder and southwest Weld Counties and the Town of Frederick west of Interstate Highway 25. LHWD serves close to 20,000 people with Colorado-Big Thompson and Left Hand Ditch Company water.

The mission of LHWD is to provide safe and reliable water to their customers in an economical, efficient and responsible manner now and in the future. Water conservation plays a key role in meeting these water resource planning goals and can provide many benefits toward maintaining supply, infrastructure upgrades and customer satisfaction. In addition, high growth rates on the northern Colorado Front Range are creating more competition for existing water sources and an increased expectation of environmental sustainability.

To meet this water conservation challenge, LHWD developed a Municipal Water Efficiency Plan in accordance with the Water Conservation Act of 2004 and to meet the provisions of Colorado Revised Statute section 37-60-126.

Download the 2015 LHWD Municipal Water Efficiency Plan Update (pdf)


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